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Investing In A Racehorse Syndicate Share:

It can be really hard to buy a horse and to keep up with its maintenance even for most of the rich people. A big amount of money is invested to train the horse for the races excluding the trips to the vets and the constant probability of the horse getting injured or it might become unfit to race. For this sole reason many people have opted for buying racehorse syndicates which allows then to share the cost while also the winnings on the horse.

Racing horses is a sport for only the rich due to such heavy expenses but if they are sourcing the race horses through a syndicate it makes it very cost efficient and light on the pocket. It is relative in the terms of affordability as a typical syndicate has to invest a handsome amount. The amount also decides the quality of the horse you will be getting. Racing is all about numbers and if a person is investing in just one horse the chances of that horse winning is very low. One should always invest in more than one horse to increase the chances of winning or it will be just like putting all the eggs in one basket. The amount depends upon the syndicate and the horse is sold out after completing its four years. The profit can only be determined by the performance of the horse. The sudden vet bills and unexpected costs has to be bared by the informal syndicates but if a person is investing by a renowned company then the risks are reduced to a good number.

Syndicates also don’t allow to sell their share, it directly returns the syndicate company if a member decides to drop out. At most investment firms the horses are sold in a public auction so the members who are leaving can get a healthy share of the market value that is prevailing at the time. The other members can decide to repurchase the horse and they can also reissue the shares on the horses.

Final Question:

Is it even an investment?

Investing in horses may sound to be fun for people who loves races and horses but it undermines to be a huge risk too. People often gamble on horses and sometimes make more through gambling then they have initially invested in the horses. Mostly people don’t opt for syndicates to make money. Anyone can make money by picking a horse that can attract people to offer a handsome amount. It is known that a good horse can be worth of a large sum of money but this is not an investment as the undermining risk to the whole situation is great and it involves personal investment and stake.